25 Nov

The gals who own The Lazy Woof have decided to start a blog! Yippee! We can see it now – reclining in our favorite local cafe in a big comfy chair, sipping soy lattes, dreamily typing out blog posts that inspire and change the world…

Ok, fine, let’s be honest – neither of us are bloggers, and only time will tell how frequently we will be posting to our blog.  Who has time to sit peacefully in a cafe when you have a website to run?! Nonetheless, we are jumping headfirst into the world of blogging, and we hope that this adventure will be a mutually beneficial one.

First things first – who are we?! If you didn’t come to our blog from a link that we have put out into the world, then you may be wondering what The Lazy Woof is.  —–>  Here is our website.  <—–  Explore all our carefully constructed pages, especially the left-hand side menu (viewable once you click through one of the top menu links).  Ideally, this blog will emulate our values and contribute to the culture of eco-consciousness that we strive to support with our business practices.

Alright, so this has been short, easy and painless.  Phew.  Time to start planning a REAL blog entry.  Right after I go get a soy latte.